Starfleet Expeditionary Group

A Starfleet Expeditionary Group (SEG) is a specialized task group designed to represent Federation interests in the galaxy. Previously referred to as Battle Groups, they are often referred to by the group flagship. Typical formations include a Flagship vessel (often a Class 5 Starship), a cruiser or destroyer wing, and an occasional air wing. In some instances specialized vessels such as engineering, medical, or research oriented starships are attached to an Expeditionary Group.


Typically a similar arrangement of vessels will be attached to an Expeditionary Group; however, Starfleet does not maintain a single standard composition and assigned vessels can vary based upon the anticipated mission and objectives to be executed by the group during their five year mission. While their is no standard a traditional Expeditionary Group will contain:

  • A Command Vessel which serves as the flagship vessel of the Expeditionary Group. Current Starfleet policy stipulates that active Expeditionary Groups will be led by a Command Battleship of either the Century, Enterprise, or Odyssey Class Starship but any Class Five vessel may be assigned to such a role of a large Expeditionary Group or those assigned to deep space exploration missions. Medium sized Expeditionary Groups assigned to exploration missions near explored space may be led by a Command Dreadnought, while smaller Expeditionary Groups operating inside or near Federation territory may be led by a Command Cruiser. The Commanding Officer of the Expeditionary Group will operate from this vessel and may or may not also serve as the CO of the flagship.
  • A Cruiser of Destroyer Wing serve as support vessels to the Expeditionary Group and may be assigned to undertake their own missions as needed by the Group Commander. In the event of combat operations if a Cruiser Wing is assigned they will focus on combat against other vessels encountered while a Destroyer Wing will be tasked with providing defense against attacking fighter squadrons. An Expeditionary Group will not commonly feature both a Cruiser and Destroyer Wing, instead focusing efforts on one or the other.
  • An Escort Wing is assigned to focus on defensive screening of the Expeditionary Group and are typically tasked with military assignments during their operations as opposed to exploratory missions.

Depending on mission expectations other vessels may be assigned as needed to support the overall mission objectives of an Expeditionary Group. Among the options available to the Commanding Officer of the Expeditionary Group are:

  • A Carrier is a specialized variation of a Starship that ferries fighter shuttles. Due to their complex mission parameters a Carrier may be assigned to serve as the Flagship of an Expeditionary Group in some situations with the Enterprise Class commonly fulfilling this role.
    • An Airwing is a specialized collection of Starfleet fighter shuttles that are assigned to provide overall defense of the Expeditionary Group while on assignment.
  • A Hospital Ship has been specially modified to serve as a mobile medical platform capable of responding to galactic hotspots and providing assistance to any injured or sick patients encountered.
  • A Research Ship is a vessel purposely built to fulfil enhanced scientific operations and exploration missions on behalf of the Federation.
  • A Supply Ship - also referred to an Engineering Vessel - is a vessel utilized by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to transport teams of highly trained Starfleet Engineers and to assist with maintaining the vessels assigned to the Expeditionary Group while on assignment.


While the collection of vessels into specialized task groups can be traced to the maritime navies of several worlds including Earth, the concept of an Expeditionary Group did not come into play in the Federation Starfleet until the Dominion War. During that time Expeditionary Groups - which were known as Battle Groups - were assigned to tactical operations against Cardassian and Dominion forces. Following the War the practice of using Expeditionary Groups fell out of favor; however, Battle Group Omega was left in operation in preparation for future Borg incursions into Federation Space.

When the Federation and Klingon Empire renewed hostilities during the early 25th Century the idea of Battle Groups returned to prominence with multiple groups being reformed under the leadership of Class Five Starships. The Enterprise Battle Group was renowned during the early years of the conflict for their operations in defense of key Federation worlds as was the Shenzhou Battle Group which was instrumental in maintaining Federation control over the Archanis Sector over General Krenek, Son of Kol.

Following the Klingon Conflict Battle Groups again fell out of favor with Starfleet Operations. It was not until the Klingon/Romulan Treaty of 2428 that the Federation renewed the concept.


Starfleet Expeditionary Groups are specialized task groups typically assigned to enhanced exploration missions in potentially hazardous regions of space. The standard mission of an Expeditionary Group is to conduct forward presence operations, to help shape the strategic environment, deter conflict, build interoperability with allies, and respond to crises when necessary as the principle mission of exploration of the galaxy is executed. Starfleet has designed the operations of the Starfleet Expeditionary Group to function for a standard five year mission duration outside of the safety of Federation space. By their nature the starships assigned to an Expeditionary Group may operate within close proximity of one another for an extended period or can be dispatched to pursue their own interests as an operation warrants.

Traditionally vessels assigned to a Starfleet Expeditionary Group have been tasked with:

  • Power projection of Federation interests within assigned territories both domestic and foreign to execute foreign policy objectives.
  • Gaining and maintaining air supremacy in an area by seizing and maintaining control of designated airspace.
  • Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief.
  • Protection of commercial and military shipping.
  • Command and Control of assigned Federation and allied forces.

Starfleet Expeditionary Groups

Under Executive Order by President Gruzy of the Federation Council Starfleet has been ordered to maintain a minimum of five active Starfleet Expeditionary Groups with five ready on reserve able to be deployed within 30 days of being ordered to duty. Expeditionary Groups Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta are permanent Expeditionary Groups have have been designated to represent Federation interests in the Quadrant upon which their name corresponds. Battle Group Omega has been assigned as a rapid response group designed to perform exploratory missions not restricted to any one galactic quadrant and to respond to any crisis that is experienced.


Expeditionary Group Commanding Officer Flagship Assigned Region Home Port
Expeditionary Group Alpha Admiral Greg Coulson USS Phoenix Alpha Quadrant Starbase 375
Expeditionary Group Beta Admiral Guri zh’Aald USS Kumari Beta Quadrant Starbase 39
Expeditionary Group Gamma Admiral Vollov Graors USS Pralim Gamma Quadrant New Bajor
Expeditionary Group Delta Admiral J'Nea USS D'kyr Delta Quadrant New Talax
Battle Group Omega Admiral William Teagarden USS Enterprise Milky Way Galaxy Spacedock



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