Starfleet One

Starfleet One is the call sign given to any United Federation of Planets Starfleet vessel assigned to provide transport to President Gruzy. When the President chooses to utilize a non military vessel for transport that vessel will take on the call sign Federation One.

Solar System Travel

When the Federation President travels inside a Solar System, and has limited risk of extrasolar travel, he or she is traditionally assigned to one of five specially modified Federation Shuttlecraft with the other vessels serving as decoy vessels. In the event that the President would have to quickly travel to another Star System the shuttlecraft would immediately divert to dock with the vessel assigned to ferry the President to their destination.

Space Travel

When the Federation President travels between star systems he or she has the option of travelling aboard a civilian vessel or utilizing a Starfleet vessel for transport. Civilian vessels selected for this distinction are granted the name Federation One. When the President decides to travel on a Starfleet vessel it is given the code name Starfleet One for the duration of the travel. Traditionally the President will choose to travel aboard a civilian vessel rather than a military vessel; however, as of late, Presidents are more commonly choosing to travel aboard a Starfleet vessel - normally a capital ship. At any point that the President travels decoy vessels are also assigned to limit the risk to the President.

Real World

The call sign Starfleet One and Federation One are based upon Air Force One and Executive One used by the President of the United States.


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