Continuing Voyages - The 16th Fleet - A Star Trek Fan Production

Welcome to the The 16th Fleet's Library Computer Access and Retrieval System, on behalf of our fleet we welcome to our new homepage on the Subspace Communications Network.

Established in 2001, Continuing Voyages is a Play By Email Role Playing Fleet set in the year 2427. It is a time of great uncertainty. As exploration of the galaxy resumed following the Dominion War, storm clouds gathered at home. While new friendships were being formed, old rivalries sparked anew. Then they revealed themselves. Like a thief in the night they came from the darkness of space and struck against our homeworlds. Hundreds of ships opened up their brutal onslaught ripping into the very heart of our civilizations without regard for their targets. Civilian, military, all of them were treated the same by the mysterious Supremacy. In the span of one evening they had viciously damaged the capitol planets of the Federation, the Klingon Empire, and the splintered Romulan Star Empire. Billions were murdered before the enemy could be forced back into their underspace and left for parts unknown.

What was intended to kill, however, was the birth of a brave new galaxy. When the enemy attacked they wanted to drive wedges between the men and women of the galaxy, instead they united them. Old infighting between the Milky Way's greatest powers came to an abrupt close and brought them together into a new unity built on mutual cooperation and trust. This was the birth of a new Federation made up of one time enemies that were now friends. Leading the continued exploration of the galaxy was the new combined Starfleet made up of ships from all three empires making up the Federation Alliance.

Continuing Voyages is a 100% player dedicated Role Playing Game. Our focus is on the players of our group and that they are enjoying their time as a member of our games. We see all of our players as equal and we encourage each of our members to have an active voice in our group’s decision making. Our moderators have an open door policy with our players and we are always willing to listen to and help anyone who is a member of our game and to listen to their suggestions on ways upon which we might improve ourselves. Our stories place an emphasis on quality over quantity of posting; we prefer character building posts instead of filler. All of our leaders are selected from in house with our moderators being decided upon by dedication to our players, participation, and their promotion of our game’s overall goals. We understand though that life does get in the way and we actively promote our players taking a look around every now and then and to see our story as a diversion from their daily lives.

So if you’re looking for a group where you can make a real difference, where you can have fun and be part of a great story, and develop friendships with people from all across the Earth then you’ve come to the right place. On behalf of Continuing Voyages and its players I invite you to become a part of our story. Trust me when I say that you won’t regret your decision to be part of our game.


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