Steamrunner Class/Skutfish Subtype
Steamrunner Class/Skutfish Subtype
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Type Command Escort
Named After Aquatic Life
Crew 185 (Standard); 15 (Visiting); 1,000 (Maximum)
Physical Specifications
Length 245 meters
Width 160 meters
Height 40 meters
Decks 9
Mass 375,000 metric tons
Standard Mission 3 years
Refit 12 years
Expected Lifetime 100 years
Technical Specifications
Command and Control Systems
Hardware 1 Bioneural/Isolinear Hybrid Computer Core
Software LCARS
Defensive Systems
Energy Regenerative Deflector Shields
Offensive Systems
Primary Weapon 6 Type XIX Phaser Arrays
Secondary Weapon 4 Burst Fire Torpedo Launchers
Secondary Weapon Type Photon, Polaron, and Quantum Torpedoes
Propulsion Systems
Faster Than Light Warp Drive
Maneuvering RCS Thruster Drive
Sublight Impulse Drive
Support Systems
Diplomatic Level 3
Environment Enhanced
Living Quarters 175 (Spartan); 100 (Modest); 100 (Comfortable)
Medical Systems Class 4
Transport Systems
Docking Ports 3
Embarked Craft 4
Shuttlebays 2
Tractor Beam 2 Type II Tractor Beam Turrets
Transporter 4 Type II Transporter Rooms

Deck Plan

Noteworthy Vessels

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