System Diagnostics

System diagnostics are utilized by the Engineering Crew to determine whether issues exist with a particular system aboard a Space Station or Starship.

Level 1 Diagnostic

A Level 1 Diagnostic is the most intricate and intensive diagnostic protocol that currently is utilized by the Federation Starfleet. After having taken the affected system offline a team of Engineers will begin detailed investigation and testing of all functions of an affected system to ensure that it is operating within normal parameters. A Level 1 Diagnostic is the most time consuming diagnostic routine and normally can take several hours to complete successfully due to less reliance on computer review and verification that all components are operating correctly.

Level 2 Diagnostic

Designed to be completed in half the time of a Level 1 Diagnostic, a Level 2 Diagnostic is used by Engineers to complete a detailed review of a system. Most critical components of a specified system will be studied by the Engineers in this diagnostic protocol; however, automated protocols are still utilized to review the affected system.

Level 3 Diagnostic

The base diagnostic involving direct intervention by a member of the Engineering team, a Level 3 Diagnostic is completed with an Engineer reviewing the status of only primary components of the affected system.

Level 4 Diagnostic

Utilizing a more enhanced version of the software involved in a Level 5 Diagnostic, a Level 4 Diagnostic is an automated process used to check for general issues in a system. Results are provided to the operator in less than 30 seconds.

Level 5 Diagnostic

Completed daily and designed to be completed in less than 2.5 seconds, a Level 5 Diagnostic is an automated procedure that is used to ensure system efficiency.

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