United Federation Of Planets
The United Federation Of Planets
Dominant Species Various
Founded 2161
Capital Earth
Government Federal Republic
Head of State Gruzy, Federation President
Legislature Federation Assembly, Federation Council
Location Milky Way Galaxy
Military Starfleet

Established in the year 2161, the United Federation of Planets is an interstellar alliance of over 150 planetary governments spread across 8,000 light years. Starfleet is the Federation's agency responsible for all deep space exploration, scientific research, and military service.


Located in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, the United Federation of Planets was a natural progression of the Coalition of Planets - an alliance created by the Andorians, Humans, Tellarites, and Vulcans to defend the galaxy against the Romulan Star Empire in the 22nd Century. Rather than be subjugated by other empires, many planets chose to join the Federation due to its cooperative stance. This, however, brought it into conflict with neighboring powers who saw the Federation as encroaching on their rights and territory.

Chief among the Federation's earliest detractors were the members of the Klingon Empire. These two groups came close to open conflict multiple times until the Organians intervened in the year 2267 and forced the two groups to enter into a peace treaty. Their relationship was only cemented with the signing of the Khitomer Accords in 2293; however, Federation and Klingon relations declined in the late 24th Century and open conflict resumed in 2405. Since then the relationship has been repaired, but is still turbulent.

The Romulan Star Empire has remained another threat toward the Federation; nonetheless, the Romulans presence in the galaxy has lessened due to their civil war in the early 25th Century. The establishment, and support of the Federation toward the Romulan Republic has inflicted some damage to the relationship between the two groups. The recent decision of Vulcan to secede from the Federation and join the Romulan Star Empire has caused further strife.

The growing threat of the Supremacy did much to stabilize the peace in the galaxy and led to the creation of the Federation Alliance; however, the stability of this new alliance has recently been called into question.

Despite this, the Federation is focused on peaceful coexistence with neighboring powers and it is a highly idealistic government focused on universal liberty, rights, and equality. The Federation has successfully negotiated treaties with each major power within the galaxy and does not attempt to expand its sphere of influence by force. Additionally, the Federation has focused itself on the advancement of the citizens of its worlds, as such the Federation is a government that lacks an official currency nor drive for wealth.


The Federation Government is a representative republic that is fundamentally derived from the Articles of the Federation - the document from which the rights of Federation Citizens are collected. These documents give way to the three branches of the Federation government and detail the requirements of each of these functions.

Executive Branch
The Federation President is democratically elected to serve as the leader of the Federation Executive and the duties of this role include oversight of domestic and foreign policy, participation in the Federation Cabinet, and control of Starfleet. This branch is headquartered in Paris, France on Earth.
Judicial Branch
The Federation Judiciary maintains power over the courts of the Federation and can be a driving force in interpretation of law.
Legislative Branch
The Legislative body of the Federation is the Federation Council. A unicameral body, the Council is comprised of one Federation Councillor from every Federation Member State and is located in San Francisco on Earth. Officials of this body have the power to create, modify, and repeal law within the Federation's territory. Subcouncils were established focusing on Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, Science, Security, and Technology.


Controlled by the Federation Charter, it was agreed upon that the worlds of the Federation would join of their own volition with each race being considered equal to all others. Planets applying for membership within the Federation must be governed by a unified planetary government, possess advanced technology (having surpassed the Warp threshold at minimum), and follow strict nondiscriminatory policies toward its citizens. When chosen and approved for membership a delegate will be elected from the local populace to serve as that governments representative on the Federation Council on Earth.

Dominant Member Species

Coming from the frozen moon of Andoria, the Andorians are a humanoid species with antennae on the tops of their heads, blue skin, and light hair. They are a militaristic species with a strong sense of honor and duty who are acutely aware of their surroundings.
Originating from Bajor, the Bajorans are a deeply spiritual people who closely resemble Humans except for a series of ridges on their noses. Highly creative and dedicated to their race, Bajorans normally have their family name precede their given name.
From Betazed, the Betazoids are a highly telepathic species who value openness and honesty. Betazoids have few differences from other humanoid species except for an additional lobe in their brains and black irises on their eyes.
The friendly and outgoing residents of Bolarus IX, the Bolians are a jovial race who have a strong dedication to teamwork. They have a toxic physiology, blue skin, a vertical ridge running down their face and no hair.
Coming from the colony world of Cait, Caitians are a bipedal feline species with enhanced vision, a coat of fur in varying colors, and tails. The species are known of their intelligence, curiosity, loyalty and love of beauty.
Hailing from Earth, Humans are a humanoid species with a wide assortment of physical features. Highly adaptable, Humans are team players who work constantly to better themselves and the rest of their species.
Joined Trill
Coming from the world of Trill, the Joined Trill are a humanoid race indistringuishable from their fellow Trill. They are different in that they have been bonded with a Symbiont - a lifeform that contains the collected knowledge and skills of all its former hosts.
Very similar to Romulans and Vulcans, Rigelians share a similar neurology and physiology to their cousins. Residing on Rigel V, they believe their lives are a constant spiritual journey.
A reptilian race from the planet Sauria, Saurians are distinctive for their varied skin colors and large eyes. This species is just as well known for their enhanced strength and intelligence.
Residing on the colony world of New Talax, the Talaxians are a humanoid species native to the Delta Quadrant. This race is well known for their storytelling, friendly attitude, and love of food.
From the planet Tellar, the Tellarite species are a porcine, stocky humanoid race with a snout, hoof-like extremities, and a stubborn disposition. Natural engineers, Tellarites are just as well known for their argumentative personalities.
Coming from the world of Trill, the Trill are a humanoid race with a line of spots that run along the length of their bodies. Trill are well known in the galaxy for their ability to host an alien symbiont and their intelligence.
Natives of the Vulcanis Lunar Colony, a group of Vulcans chose to remain Federation members during the period of reunification rather than join the Romulan Star Empire. Vulcans are distinctive throughout the galaxy for their pointed ears, superior strength compared to other humanoids, and strict adherence to logic.


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