United Protectors
United Protectors
Location Unknown
Commander Captain Wayne Kivir
Status Active

United Protectors is an independent colony established after a freak accident.


The UECS 'Protector' a United Earth colony ship was bound for the Trappist System when something unexpected happened: The ship was thrown off course and its damaged computers led them to an unknown, isolated star system outside of known space. The over 100,000 members of the Flight Crew and Colonists have set down upon this new world intent to build it into a paradise only for another calamity to befall them. Strange abilities have started to randomly manifest among the travelers, the true extent unknown even to their possessors. Some have used these powers for good, some for evil. The question is which side will you choose? Welcome… to a darker type of Hero Story.


Real World

United Protectors is the 16th Fleet's first nonTrek game since the mid 2000s. Please visit our Group for more information.

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