USS Defiant
U.S.S. Defiant
Registry NCC-75633
Class Defiant
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Assignment Mission Support Vessel
Location Bajor Sector, Alpha Quadrant
Commander Commander Logan Kincaid
Home Port Gateway Station
Status NPC

The USS Defiant is a Defiant Class/ShiKahr Subtype Tactical Escort that was launched in 2375.


Starting life known as the USS São Paulo, construction on what would become the USS Defiant was initiated during the height of the Dominion War at the Beta Antares Fleet Yard. Due to heavy losses being experienced by all allied powers, a rush was placed on construction of the São Paulo due to the need of combat capable craft on the front line. Shortly before it was due to be completed, Federation forces were devastated at the Second Battle of Chin'toka with all Starfleet vessels - including the original USS Defiant having been destroyed. At the request of Admiral William Ross, the recently completed São Paulo was assigned to Captain Benjamin Sisko and assigned as mission support ship for Deep Space Nine and authorized to be rechristened Defiant in recognition of the accomplishments of its predecessor vessel. The new Defiant almost immediately afterward was assigned as a command vessel for the Invasion of Cardassia at the conclusion of the war.

With the conclusion of the war the Defiant, despite being recently constructed, underwent significant repairs and upgrades due to damaged experienced in the final hours of the Dominion War. As command of Defiant falls to the First Officer of Deep Space Nine, Commander Tiris Jast was instituted as the vessel's newest commanding officer. Tragically Commander Jast was killed during a renegade assault upon the station by renegade Jem'Hadar that were barely repelled by the rushed into service Defiant. Commander Elias Vaughn was appointed the vessel's new Commanding Officer and Defiant was authorized by the Romulan Star Empire to be outfitted with a Cloaking Device due to the threat posed by the Dominion. Defiant would be frequently assigned to patrol duties in preparation for a renewed Dominion conflict as well as convoy escort missions for supplies to the heavily damaged Cardassian Union. Through heavy lobbying on the part of her Commanding Officer, the Defiant was assigned to a renewed exploration mission of the Gamma Quadrant. It would be recalled early due to the initiation of Bajor into the Federation in 2376.

Aside from command of the ship being transferred to Ro Laren in 2379, the missions undertaken by the Defiant were fairly routine until 2383 when the Typhon Pact began a campaign of expansion that nearly destroyed Deep Space Nine in the process. Starfleet Headquarters would temporarily reassign Defiant to investigate potential Dominion involvement with the Typhon Pact under her original commander, Benjamin Sisko, following this. Once she returned and with DS9 significantly damaged, Defiant was assigned a long term patrol route of the Bajoran System to provide interdiction duties should the system come under attack. She remained in this role until 2385 when Deep Space Nine was restored to operational status.

In 2390 the Defiant began a systematic refit at the newly established Bajoran Shipyards to bring the vessel into top of the line condition once more due to the growing unrest within the galaxy. During her refit the Defiant would be attacked by extremists that were opposed to Bajor's membership within the Federation that would significantly damage the vessel. Due to her history, Starfleet ordered the Defiant restored to full capability which resulted in an additional 18 months in drydock. When completed, however, the Defiant was relaunched in 2392 with upgrades reestablishing her as a member of the Valiant subtype of the Defiant Class. She would return to duty at Deep Space Nine as mission support ship, relieving the Starship Gettysburg of these responsibilities.

In 2403 command of the Defiant would transfer to Captain James Kurland when Ro Laren retired from Starfleet service. Defiant would be temporarily assigned to investigate illegal mining operations being conducted by the True Way. During this the Defiant was damaged in combat by a renegade Cardassian Keldon Class vessel, but was able to return to dock without loss of life. An investigation revealed that the Defiant had been afflicted by similar structural deformities as her sister ship the USS Nostromo. Starfleet opted to refit the Defiant a second time, ordering the vessel to the Beta Antares Fleet Yards due to their experience with the construction errors. Defiant would find herself in dock for a full year due to these repairs and without a job upon relaunch due to mission support duties at Deep Space 9 having been assigned to the Starship Ushaan.

Upon her relaunch in 2404 the Defiant found herself once more in the role she was built for: combat. Placed under the command of Captain Seung Kee Reese, Defiant was assigned to the Klingon Border due to the increased likelihood of combat between the Federation and the Klingons. Placed in the Khitomer Sector, Defiant would work closely with the Starship Voyager on multiple engagements against Klingon forces before being reassigned to the Archanis Sector where it was involved in heavy fighting on more than one occasion. In 2408 the Defiant, while lost behind enemy lines, was instrumental in the Battle of Cestus 3 but suffered heavy losses in combat and was abandoned. Forces loyal to the House of Martok recovered the vessel and, in secret, returned it to General Worf, Son of Mogh. While officially an enemy of the Federation due to the war, General Worf arranged the return of the Defiant to Starfleet.

Upon return in 2409 the Defiant was once more assigned to Deep Space Nine to serve as a mission support ship once more under the command of Commander Sarish Minna; however, she was made subservient to the Starship Belfast in this assignment. Defiant would assist in multiple engagements, including against the Borg Collective, before facing off against time displaced Dominion forces. Deep Space 9 was invaded and Defiant would help lead Starfleet forces in their efforts to retake the station. Later, in 2410, Defiant would find herself facing off against the Iconians. Repaired at Utopia Planitia, Defiant would temporarily be returned to the command of Captain Kira Nerys. She would be instrumental under the leadership of Captain Kira in establishing a lasting peace between the Federation and the Dominion due to her defense of the Dominion against the Hur'q.

Returned to the command of Captain James Kurland in 2411, life was peaceful for the Defiant until 2413. In that year Deep Space 9 was visited by a group of Bajoran scholars whom had located a mysterious relic while studying the ancient city of B'Hala. During the investigation, which was assisted by Science Officers from the Starship Enterprise, a mysterious energy was released by the artifact that infected the computer systems of the station. Facing multiple system failures the Station Crew desperately tried to stay ahead of the virus and restore the station. When close to eradicating the virus an unexpected complication arose. The transporter system of the station began a rematerialization sequence that brought Gul Dukat aboard the station. The former Cardassian had been bonded with an organism known as a Pah'wraith, which had given Dukat enhanced abilities. Believing himself to be the Emissary of the Pah'Wraith, Dukat began his efforts to subjugate the Bajorans and initiated the Station's counter insurgency program. To counter this the starships Defiant and Enterprise engaged the station in combat to distract Dukat while Deep Space Nine's crew attempted to retake the station. Unfortunately it quickly became clear that the Station would not be recoverable. Instead Captain James Kurland chose to engage the Station's Self Destruct System with a zero second delay rather than allow Dukat to conquer Bajor. Defiant would again find herself assigned to the patrol of the Bajoran System due to the loss of the station.

With the transfer of Commander Sarish Minna in 2415, command of Defiant was assigned to Captain Nog in that year. Defiant was authorized to undergo refit in 2416 due to her role as defender of the Alpha Quadrant; however, in this situation, Starfleet did consider decommissioning rather than repairing the aging vessel. When Gateway Station was completed in 2418 the Defiant was assigned to serve as its mission support ship once more and relieved the USS Yorktown of these duties. She remains in her role as mission support ship for Gateway Station to this day; nonetheless, Starfleet Headquarters is once more considering decommissioning the Defiant due to her age and need for refit once more to the Telemachus Subtype.

As of 2430 the Defiant is still assigned as a mission support vessel for Gateway Station and is under the command of Commander Logan Kincaid. Starfleet plans to decommission the Defiant during the summer of 2430.

Crew Manifest


  • Commanding Officer: Commander Logan Kincaid (Human/Male)
  • Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Vergin (Vorgon/Male)


  • Chief Engineering Officer: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Micah Franks (Human/Male)
  • Chief Flight Control/Operations Officer: Lieutenant Commander Vergin (Vorgon/Male)


  • Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Mary Caldwell, MD (Human/Female)
  • Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Barrax Qys (Napean/Female)


  • Chief Security/Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Sulyzz Sadri (Selay/Male)

Real World

The USS Defiant is intended to be the Defiant Class star of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and is an NPC ship.


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