USS Nostromo
U.S.S. Nostromo
Registry NCC-75660
Class Defiant
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Assignment 16th Fleet - Task Group 2
Location Khitomer Sector, Beta Quadrant
Commander Captain Ann “80psi” Readdy
Home Port Project Jenolan
Status Developing

The USS Nostromo is a Defiant Class Escort that was launched in 2375.


The Dominion War was a period of incredible strife to the worlds of the Alpha Quadrant with the Federation's Starfleet facing heavy losses in both manpower and resources. Early in the war it was decided that Starfleet would switch its focus from larger capital vessels to smaller mission oriented craft. Construction of the Defiant Class USS Nostromo was initiated at Antares Fleet Yard on Stardate 51025 with production rushed due to the need of combat capable craft on the front lines. Final fittings were completed a year later and the vessel was launched on Stardate 52680 with immediate assignment to the 9th Fleet after its forces were devastated at the Second Battle of Chin'toka. Running multiple support missions in the final days of the war, the Nostromo would later be assigned to provide escort to the USS Bellerophon while it served as the flagship of Admiral William Ross during the Battle of Cardassia.

Following the war the Nostromo would be assigned as the Garrison Ship for Starbase 375. During its time in this role the Nostromo would frequently be utilized to provide escort to convoys transporting supplies to the Cardassian Union to assist with their rebuilding efforts. The Nostromo was instrumental during one such escort mission in preventing a raid by Orion Pirates intent on stealing a consignment of industrial replicators meant for the Orias System. Later in its service the Nostromo would be reassigned to serve as a border patrol vessel to monitor the Cardassian's border with the Breen Confederacy.

After 25 years of continuous service the Nostromo returned to the Antares Fleet Yard where she underwent a massive refit to match current standards for the Defiant Class. During this time significant structural deformities were detected in her spaceframe which were attributed to the rushed construction schedule utilized to make the Nostromo spaceworthy to fight in the Dominion War. Decommissioning the Nostromo was considered rather than using significant resources to repair her; however, in light of the growing threats to the galaxy due to the Klingon Empire withdrawing from the Khitomer Accords, it was decided that the Nostromo would be repaired and upgraded to create a new subtype of the Defiant Class.

Upon completion of her repairs in 2402, the Nostromo was reassigned to the Beta Quadrant to patrol the Federation/Romulan Border in the Hobus Sector in order to protect Federation interests as the stability of the Romulan government continued to degrade. Complicating her assignment was the beginning of open warfare between the Federation and the Klingons; however, Nostromo would not see it. After a five year assignment to this role the Nostromo was ordered to return to the duties for which she'd proven herself time and again: Garrison Ship for a Starbase. Assigned to Starbase 39 Sierra, the Nostromo would remain here until 2424 when she would undergo refit once more to match the specifications of the Telemachus Subtype of the Defiant Class - the Nostromo Subtype having become obsolete nearly three years prior.

At the completion of her refit the Nostromo was assigned to the 16th Fleet in the Typhon Sector as a patrol ship along the Federation/Romulan Border and placed under the command of Captain Ann “80psi” Readdy.

Crew Manifest



  • Chief Engineering Officer:
  • Chief Flight Control/Operations Officer: Chief Petty Officer Faxio



  • Chief Security/Tactical Officer:

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