USS Titan
U.S.S. Titan
Registry NCC-80102
Class Luna
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Assignment Mission Support Vessel
Location Betazed Sector, Alpha Quadrant
Commander Captain Amarante Lebel
Home Port Sentok Nor
Status NPC

The USS Titan is a Luna Class Scientific Heavy Cruiser that was launched in 2379.


The brainchild of Doctor Xin Ra-Havreii, the Federation Starship Titan was designed to serve as a frontline exploration vessel of the mysterious Gamma Quadrant. Nonetheless, this goal was unavoidably delayed due to the outbreak of the Dominion War upon the Alpha Quadrant. The under construction Luna and Titan found resources diverted from their development to focus on the completion of tactical vessels. It was not until the Treaty of Bajor that work on the Titan would resume uninterrupted with the vessel's construction completed in early 2379. Nonetheless, the official launch of the vessel was delayed by multiple issues including difficulty with finding a commanding officer for the vessel.

Starfleet Headquarters was initially reluctant to offer command of the Titan to William T. Riker due to the Enterprise's Executive Officer having had frequently refused command in the past. After some persuasion Starfleet approved the recommendation of Commander Riker to lead the Titan and its mission to explore the Deep Beta Quadrant. Despite their initial concerns, Commander Riker quickly accepted Starfleet's proposal with the intention of assuming command following his wedding to Deanna Troi.

Titan's exploratory mission would face further delays following the Shinzon Incident. At the recommendation of Admiral Kathryn Janeway, the Titan was chosen to lead a diplomatic and humanitarian mission to the Romulan Star Empire following the assassination of the Romulan Senate and most of the Empire's civilian leadership. This was, however, a cover to retrieve captured Starfleet officer Tuvok after he had been imprisoned while working undercover for Starfleet Intelligence. An accident during the mission caused a spatial anomaly and transported the Titan and its crew nearly 210,000 light-years to the Small Magellanic Cloud. Through the work of the Titan and its crew the vessel was able to return home relatively unscathed.

Following the diplomatic mission to Romulus, Titan was authorized to begin its exploration of the Deep Beta Quadrant as planned. It was during its exploration of the Gum Nebula that the Titan encountered a race of beings known as the Caeliar. The Caeliar, a highly xenophobic and advanced species, welcomed the Titan's crew to their world, but refused to allow them to leave. With the aid of United Earth Starfleet Captain Erika Hernandez, a prisoner of the Caeliar for hundreds of years, the Titan was able to escape using a series of subspace tunnels created by the Caeliar. Exiting the tunnel in the Azure Sector, the Titan was too late to assist the allied fleet with an attack there by the Borg Collective. Working alongside Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise and Ezri Dax of the Starship Aventine, Captain Hernandez the Starfleet Officers were able to meet with the Caeliar and gain their support against the Borg. Realizing that they were responsible for the creation of the Borg, the Caeliar were able to override the Borg Queen and assimilated the entire Collective into the Caeliar. Through these efforts any Drone who chose not to join the Caeliar were granted their freedom and their bodies restored. Any world assimilated by the Collective saw he Borg Technology there breakdown and the planet's biosphere regenerate. Titan returned to her mission of exploration immediately following.

In 2386 Captain Riker was promoted to Rear Admiral and named Sector Commander of the Alpha Quadrant Frontier Zone. Traditionally an Admiral would be appointed to a Starbase to accomplish his/her mission objectives, though Fleet Admiral Leonard James Akaar gave Admiral Riker special dispensation to remain operate from a mobile platform. Riker retained Titan as his personal flagship and he made Titan the sector command's mobile base of operations. While he was able to remain aboard the Titan, Riker's new mission profile precluded him from remaining in command of Titan herself. Because of this he selected his First Officer, Captain Christine Vale to serve in the role of CO of the Titan.

Following the Hobus Event of 2387, Admiral Riker lobbied Starfleet and the Federation Council to be reassigned to oversee the relief efforts for the Romulan Star Empire. His request was denied; however, Riker was authorized to oversee the operations of Chiron Base and the Titan was assigned with him as mission support vessel. During this time the Titan would escort relief convoys and completed interdiction duty to protect the region from raiders. The Titan also found herself defending a Romulan Colony from the Klingon Empire during this time of increased peril. The Titan would remain in the region until 2395 when Deanna Troi was chosen by the Government of Betazed to serve as the Betazoid Ambassador to the Federation Council following her mother's retirement. Admiral Riker transferred to Starbase 247 - the nearest open position to Betazed - and Titan followed as mission support vessel once more.

The Titan would be instrumental in rescuing Ambassador Troi following a raid upon her diplomatic transport by Nausicaan Pirates in 2402. At the insistence of Admiral Riker, Starfleet Command agreed to transfer the Titan to the Federation Diplomatic Corps to serve as the consular ship for Ambassador Troi. The Titan would remain in this position until the outbreak of hostilities between the Federation and the Klingon Empire in 2405. The vessel was transferred back to the command of Admiral Riker as a mobile base of operations for Starfleet's efforts in the H'atoria Sector against the Klingon forces there. This would, in one instance, lead to Admiral Riker facing off against General Worf, Son of Mogh in combat due to his role as Klingon Governor of the H'atoria Sector.

When the War ended in 2410 the Titan, which had been severely damaged in combat, was taken to San Francisco Fleet Yards for extensive repairs and refitting. When she relaunched in 2412 the Titan was assigned to a 5 year mission of exploration in the Alpha Quadrant under the command of Captain Melora Pazlar. Because of their successes the mission was extended to a second 5 year mission that ended in 2422. With growing resource scarcity in the Federation, Starfleet Command chose to retain the Titan in local space and placed the vessel back under the care of Admiral Riker at Starbase 247. When Riker accepted command of Starfleet Headquarters in 2425 the Titan came with him as his personal flagship; however, Captain Pazlar did not choose to remain with the Titan and accepted a transfer to the exploration vessel Lexington. Both Titan, now under the command of Captain Amarante Lebel, and Riker returned to Starbase 247 in 2427 and remained there until the unprovoked attack upon Betazed on the anniversary of the planet's invasion during the Dominion War. Both Admiral Riker and the Titan have been assigned to Sentok Nor, in Betazed orbit, to oversee restoration efforts there.

Crew Manifest



  • Commanding Officer: Captain Amarante Lebel (Human/Female)
  • Executive Officer: Commander Tutku (Denobulan/Male)


  • Chief Engineering Officer: Lieutenant Majsi el-Kazi (Human/Male)
  • Chief Flight Control Officer: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Nudmupol (Pakled/Male)
  • Chief Operations Officer: Lieutenant Commander Jahixe Buk (Betazoid/Female)


  • Chief Counseling Officer: Lieutenant Icrol Ruta, PhD (Betazoid/Male)
  • Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Dyzalk, MD (Xindi-Arboreal/Male)
  • Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Commander Sreia (Caitian/Female)


  • Chief Security/Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Kilinda (Human/Female)
  • Chief Strategic Operations Officer: Lieutenant Commander Iazi Taden (Trill/Female)


  • Betazoid Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets: Ambassador Deanna Troi-Riker (Betazed/Human/Female)

Real World

The USS Titan is intended to be the Luna Class star of Star Trek: Titan novel series and is an NPC ship.


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