William Teagarden
William Teagarden
Personal Information
Species El-Aurian/Human
Gender Male
Born 2371
Marital Status Married (Lynz)
Family Beatrix, Billan, Danheel, J'Nea, Lynz, Marxus, Semaj
Professional Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets - Starfleet
Rank Admiral
Assignment Commanding Officer
Duty Station Battle Group Omega
Status PC

Admiral William Teagarden is the current Commanding Officer of Battle Group Omega.

Career Biography

2389 - 2392
Starfleet Academy: Enters Starfleet Academy with major coursework in Operations and in 2390 begins dual coursework in Tactical. He is later approved to join Red Squad by the Academy Commandant. In 2391 he is assigned to the USS Voyager for his Cadet Cruise as a trainee Operations Manager. During his assignment he assisted in the investigation into the bombing of the Peace Conference between the Klingon Empire and the Gorn at Deep Space Station K-7. As part of the investigation he discovered that the Voyager herself had also been infiltrated and a tricobalt charge had been hidden aboard the vessel in an effort to destroy it. Cadet Teagarden was promoted to Ensign for his efforts and awarded the Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry.
2392 - 2393
Utopia Planitia Fleet Yard - Advanced Theoretical Propulsion Group: Joins the development team of advanced propulsion systems and is involved in the development of the Enterprise Class at the start of his assignment. Following this he is reassigned to assist with the development of new Propulsion Systems.
2394 - 2394
Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training Academy: Completed Advanced Tactical Training and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant due to successful completion.
2394 - 2396
2396 - 2396
USS Zefram Cochrane: Assigned to the Zefram Cochrane as Chief Strategic Operations Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Later in the year begins observing changes in the demeanor and personality of several crewmembers including Captain T'Vix, Commander Donovan, and Security Chief Patel. Further data restricted to Starfleet Level 10.
2396 - 2399
USS Zefram Cochrane: Promoted to Executive Officer by Starfleet Headquarters. Promoted to Commander following completion of Starfleet Academy Command Schooling via correspondence. In late 2398 he is awarded the Starfleet Silver Palm after risking his own life rescuing a Starfleet Science Team trapped in Romulan Space following a navigational error.
2399 - 2399
USS Proteus: Transfer to the USS Proteus as Commanding Officer. Due to multiple clashes with shipboard personnel, Commander Teagarden requests reassignment shortly after appointment.
2399 - 2400
Utopia Planitia Fleet Yard - Advanced Theoretical Propulsion Group: Reassigned to Utopia Planitia to resume work with the Transwarp Network. Upon discovery of a successful means to develop a Transwarp Network he and his team are awarded the Cochrane Medal of Excellence for their work.
2400 - 2402
USS Zefram Cochrane: Reassigned to the USS Zefram Cochrane as Commanding Officer with the rank of Captain due to the retirement of Captain Lucinda Mendez. The Cochrane is then reassigned to the Klingon Border as a patrol ship. At the request of Lucinda Mendez, William agreed to testify before the Federation Council that the Federation reconsider the condemnation of the Klingon Invasion in 2401. The Council denies the request and all active Starfleet Officers whom protested are reprimanded for their actions by Starfleet Headquarters. The Zefram Cochrane is reassigned from the Klingon Border to the Vulcan Sector.
2402 - 2404
USS Pennsylvania: Reassigned to the USS Pennsylvania in mid 2402 following completion of tour aboard USS Zefram Cochrane. The Pennsylvania and Captain Teagarden are assigned to the Cardassian Union to assist with updating navigation routes through the Badlands on a two year assignment. In early 2404 the study of the region triggered a previously unknown trap left by the Ocampa Caretaker that transported the Pennsylvania to the Delta Quadrant in 2371. After almost seven months trapped in the past, Captain Teagarden was able to negotiate with the Caretaker for the safe return of his vessel to the Alpha Quadrant. Shortly before their transit the Pennsylvania observed the USS Voyager being transported into the region by the Caretaker. Returning to the point in which they left, Captain Teagarden was commended for his actions and awarded the Starfleet Medal of Honor with Cluster.
2404 - 2407
USS Sulaco: Transferred to the USS Sulaco as Commanding Officer in 2404 following tour of duty aboard the USS Pennsylvania. Due to William's involvement in the project the Sulaco is chosen to be the first vessel to travel through the Federation Transwarp Network. Captain Teagarden chooses to personally pilot the vessel during this and repeats Zefram Cochrane's famous words from the first Warp Flight "Let's Rock and Roll." Immediately following the Sulaco was assigned to serve as a patrol vessel near Klingon Territory. When the Klingon Empire declared war on the Federation, the Sulaco led Starfleet forces against the Gorn at Sherman's Planet. The Sulaco later is assigned to lead Starfleet forces in the Archanis Sector against the Klingon invasion. During the assignment he is awarded the Grankite Order of Tactics and the Star Cross.
2407 - 2407
Federation Council: William Teagarden was personally selected by the Federation Council to serve as the Federation Envoy for peace negotiations in 2407. Chancellor J'mpok openly attacked him during his efforts despite flying under a flag of peace. Due to his efforts William was awarded the Palm Leaf and the Purple Star.
2407 - 2407
2407 - 2409
USS Enterprise-F: Transferred to the USS Enterprise-F as Commanding Officer due to the promotion of his father, Captain Danheel. The Enterprise is ordered to the Klingon Border and leads Starfleet forces against the Gorn at Cestus III. Later, William leads the vessel as it investigates the loss of Starbase 236. In mid 2409 William Teagarden is invited to participate in the testing of the prototype starship he helped to design while at Utopia Planitia. During testing a Task Group of Borg vessels attack. The Enterprise-F is lost in combat at Captain William Teagarden was injured in the attack. Due to his efforts in successfully repelling the Borg invasion, William is promoted to Admiral and awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.
2409 - 2410
Utopia Planitia Fleet Yard: Assigned to oversee final testing of the new USS Enterprise as Yard Commander with the rank of Admiral.
2410 - 2415
USS Enterprise-G: Assigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Enterprise with the rank of Admiral. He was placed into a form of natural stasis during his first mission and awoke in 2412 when the Enterprise was recovered. DATA RESTRICTED TO STARFLEET LEVEL 10.
2415 - 2415
Starbase 75/Starfleet Intelligence: DATA RESTRICTED TO STARFLEET LEVEL 10.
2415 - 2419
USS Enterprise-G: During appointment William was awarded a second Christopher Pike Medal of Valor and was involved in several high profile assignments. He was instrumental in ending the Bluegill threat of 2416. Later, he personally negotiated the Treaty of Casperia Prime on behalf of the Federation Council, creating the Federation Alliance between the Cardassian Union, Ferengi Alliance, Klingon Empire, Romulan Republic, Romulan Star Empire, and the United Federation of Planets in 2418. As part of his efforts with negotiating peace the Klingon Empire invited him to join the Order of the Bat'leth. FURTHER DATA RESTRICTED TO STARFLEET LEVEL 10.
2419 - 2420
2420 - 2420
USS Enterprise-G: Assigned to USS Enterprise as Commanding Officer due to the invasion of the Supremacy of the Beta Quadrant.
2420 - 2421
Starfleet Intelligence/Project White Knight: DATA RESTRICTED TO STARFLEET LEVEL 10.
2421 - 2424
USS Enterprise-G: Assigned to USS Enterprise as Commanding Officer with rank deduction to Commodore. Begins long term deep space exploration mission to research the Preservers.
2424 - 2424
2424 - 2425
USS Enterprise-G: Assigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Enterprise with the rank of Admiral.
2425 - 2427
Starfleet Headquarters: Demoted to the rank of Captain and reassigned as Director of Earth Security following the Battle of Vlulyr Tuok.
2427 - 2427
USS Enterprise: Temporary assignment as Commanding Officer of the USS Enterprise with the rank of Captain at the recommendation of President Lesia Enaren. Captain Teagarden oversaw Starfleet efforts to extract Federation and Starfleet equipment and personnel from the planet Vulcan following reunification. Further data is restricted to Starfleet Level X authorization.
2427 - 2427
Federation Council: Assigned as Starfleet Liaison to the Office of the Federation President with the rank of Admiral.
2427 - 2428
Starfleet Headquarters: Assigned as Commanding Officer of Starfleet Headquarters with the rank of Admiral at the direction of President Pro Tempore Gruzy.
2428 - Present
Battle Group Omega: Assigned as Commanding Officer of Expeditionary Group Omega with the rank of Admiral.

Personal Biography

Born aboard the USS Enterprise-D. His family later transferred to Deep Space Nine prior to the destruction of the vessel at Veridian.
Due to the outbreak of the Dominion War, William and his mother Beatrix move to Earth following her transfer to Starfleet Medical Headquarters. His father, Danheel, remains assigned to the Defiant.
William Teagarden is almost killed during the Breen raid on San Francisco during the Dominion War. His father transfers to Starfleet Headquarters in this year to be closer to his family and away from the front lines. His father becomes the Chief Engineer for the base.
William moves to the USS Enterprise-E after his mother and father are assigned to that vessel following the Shinzon incident.
Graduated from schooling and entered Starfleet Academy.
Is left severely injured following an encounter with the deranged Preserver known as One. This incident resulted in severe injuries to Captain Lynz as well as the loss of their unborn child.
Married Captain Lynz
Billan and Semaj are born to Captain Teagarden and his wife Lynz.

Real World

One of the very first characters ever designed for usage in the game, Admiral William Teagarden is the longest serving character within the group.


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